Graffiti Box

This is the ultimate icebreaking and team building experience. Participants use spray paint as their main tool to create a unique canvas. It’s a transgressive, inspiring, and creative activity where each group leaves their mark on a blank canvas. Teams design their own path, correcting and reinventing their work with a creative and free approach, fostering inspiration, unity, and individual talent through creative art.

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This workshop pushes participants to use graffiti techniques, encouraging creativity, leadership, and cooperation, guiding them beyond their comfort zones to create a powerful corporate expression with colors.


As participants navigate beyond their comfort zones, the activity cultivates resilience and adaptability, contributing to a dynamic environment where teamwork thrives. The challenges presented serve as valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, reinforcing the importance of effective leadership and seamless cooperation within the team.


This empowers each team to collectively make artistic decisions, fostering effective communication and collaboration to bring their unique vision to life. The innovative nature of the Graffiti Box activity not only unleashes artistic creativity but also serves as a catalyst for team cohesion. As participants express themselves through vibrant art, they discover the power of unified creativity and strengthen the bonds that drive successful collaboration.


This engaging activity entails the creation of a single expansive canvas by the entire group or the crafting of multiple canvases by distinct teams. Whether fostering collective creativity or encouraging individual artistic expressions, the flexibility of the activity promotes a sense of unity and shared accomplishment among participants. The resulting masterpieces serve as tangible representations of collaborative efforts, contributing to a memorable and visually captivating experience for the entire group.


We will provide all the essential equipment, including gloves and work overalls, so you can fully enjoy the experience without any concerns about getting messy. Our water-based paints are easy to wash off, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable artistic adventure for everyone involved. Your focus can solely be on expressing your creativity and having a great time.

About the activity

The event kicks off with a warm welcome for participants, followed by a comprehensive explanation of the activity. Each team will then receive their materials along with clear instructions on how to effectively utilize them to craft their unique pieces on a substantial canvas puzzle. This hands-on and collaborative approach ensures an engaging and cohesive mural creation experience for all involved.

Teams will individually design their murals on canvas puzzle pieces, each corresponding to their assigned themes. As the pieces come together, the completed puzzle will be presented to the jury, forming a perfect and unforgettable collaborative experience.

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