Garden Games

Our Garden Games are the best option for a fun activity with your group that can be organised on site, in our premises. The activity consists of a series of games and challenges that combine fun and team work.

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Variety is the key factor in this experience, we have many games available to choose from our catalog. Here we show you a few of them:

Control Tower

The primary goal of the game is to engage participants in the collaborative construction of a tower using wooden blocks. The challenge lies in strategically placing each block to achieve maximum height and stability. Participants will exercise their problem-solving skills and teamwork as they work together to create a structurally sound and visually impressive tower. This activity not only encourages creativity and coordination but also fosters effective communication among team members. The thrill is in the balance and precision, making it a fun and dynamic experience for all involved.

Spider Web

In this activity, each participant faces the challenge of navigating through a spider web constructed with openings of different sizes, while considering that once a member passes to one side, they cannot return to the other side. The goal is to traverse the intricate web by strategically selecting and passing through the openings, adding an additional element of planning and coordination. This task requires not only physical agility but also carefully coordinated teamwork and effective communication, as participants collaborate to overcome obstacles and successfully navigate the web.

Giant Tangram

The challenge involves recreating various figures and puzzles according to a provided working sheet, using oversized wooden pieces. Participants will engage in a cerebral exercise, emphasizing precision, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. Each team must carefully assemble the wooden pieces based on the given instructions, highlighting not only the accuracy of execution but also the seamless coordination within the group. This task promotes effective communication and strategic thinking, transforming the process of piecing together figures into a rewarding team-building exercise.


Dive into the excitement of Footdart, a dynamic blend of soccer prowess and precision akin to traditional darts! In this team-based activity, participants will skillfully kick soccer balls at a strategically positioned giant dartboard, aiming to score points and lead their team to victory. Strategic planning and seamless coordination are vital, with each successful shot adding to the team's overall score. Brace yourself for a lively competition, and discover which team will claim victory by hitting the bullseye on the Footdart board!

About the activity

Depending on the chosen games, some may pose significant challenges, making factors like communication and leadership essential for success. However, amidst the strategic elements, the essence of fun and enjoyment remains a key component, ensuring that participants not only overcome challenges but also have a great time in the process.

This activity is perfect for corporate or private groups seeking a genuine team-building experience that seamlessly blends teamwork, strategy, and enjoyment. Whether it’s a small or large group, our garden games offer an ideal and unforgettable experience for all participants.

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