Spice up your event with some of the different entertaiment proposals that El Gamonal offers:

Flamenco Show

Vibrant and passionate performance that showcases the traditional music, song, and dance of Andalucía. Flamenco is characterized by its emotional intensity, intricate guitar playing, powerful vocals, and intricate footwork.

Spanish Ham Cutting

Spanish ham cutting, also known as “jamón cutting” or “ham carving,” is a culinary art and tradition deeply rooted in Spanish culture.

DJ/Artists and bands.

Liven up your night with the best music from a wide variety of DJs and artists of your choice


Firepainting Show

Visually stunning and dynamic form of performance art that combines elements of fire manipulation.


Take with you a memory of the event captured in fun photographs


A profesional caricaturist will portrait you and your guests in a comical way to have as a memory of a fun night

Cuban cigar roller show

A Cuban cigar roller show is a live demonstration of the traditional art of hand-rolling Cuban cigars. Cuba is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest cigars, and the process of crafting these premium cigars is considered an art form in itself.

Fire jugglers

This mesmerizing and daring art form combines juggling skills with the use of flaming objects, such as torches, poi, staffs, or other fire props.

We have all the tools to add some fun and entertaiment to make a great night an unforgettable night, provided by excellent profesionals. Give your guests the best gift possible, a unique Experience.