You can find a fantastic range of team building activities and experiences to do at El Gamonal. These activities are diverse and can cater to various interests and preferences. Here's some of them:

Spanish painting

This creative challenge tasks teams with working together to solve puzzles and create a piece of art. It’s an opportunity to showcase creativity.

F1 Challenge

Teams design, build, and compete in a Formula One challenge, encouraging creativity and teamwork.

Mystery at "El Gamonal"

Participants engage in a mystery game that tests their intellectual skills as they work together to solve puzzles and discover the truth.

Strategy Games

Various workshops to challenge teams to perform better and quicker than their opponents, fostering strategic thinking and teamwork.


Paella Masterchef

Teams can participate in a paella cooking course and compete to recreate this iconic Spanish dish. It’s a fun culinary challenge.

Tapas Cooking workshop

Teams compete in a cooking competition, specifically making Spanish Tapas, followed by a quality dinner or lunch.

Andalusian Fair

 A unique experience where you recreate an authentic Andalusian fair at the venue, offering a taste of local culture and traditions


Flamenco Workshop

A cultural and fun activity that combines music, dance, and gastronomy, offering a taste of traditional Spanish culture.


We also offer options for bad weather, ensuring that team-building activities can proceed regardless of the conditions. These activities offer a mix of physical challenges, creativity, and intellectual engagement, making them suitable for a wide range of corporate events and team-building sessions.